Science First: Proven Safe, Effective Medical Cannabis Products

Modern medical cannabis products, based on pharmaceutical technology and tested to be effective, are finally here to help treat chronic ailments.

Opticann’s CB4 brand of medical cannabis products include highly effective oral capsules, sublingual filmstrips and topical creams. Medical cannabis flower or oil to be inhaled are not included in our select portfolio. All our products are tested for efficacy and are proven to work.

Opticann CB4 Products

Many who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety, PTSD, and sleep disorders may benefit from CBD-based medical cannabis products. Topical application of CBD has also been shown to be effective for local pain relief, and even skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema and even acne.

Opticann products have been developed over years of rigorous development and are based on proven pharmaceutical technology. The safe and convenient dosage forms make them suitable for ongoing use for most people with chronic conditions.

In our ongoing commitment to patient support, we can also provide a free consultation with a medical prescriber to help you get a medical document (prescription) to get authorized to purchase medical cannabis products available online from our patient portal.

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