Do CBD Oils, Edibles and Capsules Work?

The first few times you enjoy CBD can be a bit intimidating. How often are you supposed to take it? How do you consume it? Can you take CBD on an empty stomach? 

All of these questions are valid in terms of taking medical CBD, especially if you’ve never tried it before. Today, we’re going to focus on CBD consumption, specifically, what happens if you take CBD orally and whether or not a full or empty stomach matters. on an empty stomach. 

Consuming CBD

Consuming CBD is becoming more common for medical use, especially with the many products that are available on the market today at dispensaries. You have the choice of  CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD beverages, CBD softgel capsules , and so many more products, depending on your personal preference.However, most of these oral CBD products result in only 8-10% absorption into the bloodstream when taken on an empty stomach. This may increase to about 20% or more with food and this increase is variable based on what you had to eat. This means that most of the CBD you consume orally is not absorbed into your body, decreasing the desired effect that you may be trying to achieve.. 

However, there are clever ways to increase CBD absorption and effect with pharmaceutical technologies and better routes of delivery (eg. sublingually ) with specific products.

CBD when properly formulated in a sublingual filmstrips,  gets t absorbed into the bloodstream through the tissue underneath the tongue. Basically, cannabinoids get a fast-track into your blood, and are able to start working almost immediately after consumption versus slow and incomplete absorption when swallowed.   This means higher blood levels and that you begin to feel effects shortly after placing the strip under your tongue. This quick onset time is a big reason why so many people choose to opt for sublingual consumption methods. One example is the Opticann’s CB4 Control filmstrips especially formulated for rapid and maximum effect.

If you swallow a  CBD oral softgel, oil or edible , on the other hand, the process will be much slower and incomplete unless pharmaceutical technologies are used to increase their performance. Just like with your food, your body has to dissolve and digest the cannabidiol before it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.. . However, with technologies like VESIsorb(r) used by Opticann’s CB4 Relief and CB4 Relief-T capsules, this “digestion” step is not necessary as this emulsification technology disperses the CBD into tiny droplets in the stomach that are easily absorbed. This results in absorption increasing from 8-10% to 40-45% with every dose taken with VESIsorb(r) technology. These softgels also result in more rapid absorption (3 times faster versus other CBD softgels) so that you can feel the maximum effect much more quickly.   

Is CBD Safe to Consume?

In general, CBD is regarded as safe at doses most people are likely to take. High doses tested with Epidiolex, the FDA approved prescription drug with CBD for the treatment of epilepsy, resulted in some liver inflammation (“fatty liver”) but the doses used were much higher (5-7 times higher) than typically recommended for chronic adult ailments such as pain or anxiety. 

What Happens if You Take CBD oral softgels on an Empty Stomach?

So, what happens if you take CBD on an empty stomach? You experience less effect from the dose UNLESS it is formulated with VESIsorb(r) such as CB4 Relief or CB4 Relief-T from Opticann. These softgels result in reliably 4.4 times higher absorption of CBD versus other products taken on an empty stomach.

However, if you are taking CBD in the form of a sublingual strip placed under the tongue for 5+ minutes for rapid absorption (eg. Opticann’s CB4 Control Sublingual Filmstrips), an empty or full stomach should be less relevant for the absorption and effect of CBD.


CBD Medication Conclusions

So, what have we learned about CBD consumption? Primarily, you want to make sure you’re consuming your CBD oral products with a bit of food in the stomach. Or, use premium products such as CB4 Relief or CB4 Relief-T softgels that insure higher and quicker absorption regardless of what or when you have eaten food. Alternatively, sublingual filmstrips such as Opticann’s CB4 Control strips can result in higher absorption and more rapid onset when placed and absorbed from the tissue under your tongue.