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OPTICANN: Optimized Cannabinoids

Our Story

Opticann, a division of Heritage Cannabis, was founded by pioneers in the medical cannabis space who come from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Established by former MedReleaf and Cynapsus Therapeutics executives, Opticann’s pharmaceutical-focused team has 40 years’ combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry and over 20 years of experience in clinical medicine and medical cannabis product development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide safe and effective medical cannabis products that you can trust, based on innovative pharmaceutical technology, and backed by scientific evidence. Our top priority is optimal healthcare for our medical patients with evidence-based solutions. We pay careful attention to the quality of our manufacturing processes and product quality to carry out our purpose.

Licensed by Health Canada

A medical product division of Heritage Cannabis, Opticann’s products are produced at our Health Canada Licensed Producer facility, CannaCure in Fort Erie, Ontario. Opticann Inc. produces and markets products in Canada, the U.S. directly and through strategic partners in Australia and New Zealand.

We Believe...

Understanding Cannabinoids

Opticann believes the therapeutic and medical potential of the multitude of active cannabinoids (over 80 identified by researchers) and terpenes in cannabis can effectively help millions of people with multiple disease conditions. This revolution in medical treatment with cannabinoids started with THC and CBD and is expanding rapidly as research and understanding of other cannabinoids in the cannabis and hemp plants increases.

Many medical patients and their health care practitioners are still developing their understanding of the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids for improving peoples’ lives. Our goal is to help accelerate this education and provide the most effective products based on scientific evidence and innovative technology.

Pharmaceutical Technology

Opticann’s suite of medical cannabis products are based on trusted pharmaceutical technology platforms that are proven to enhance performance of products–for rapid and maximum effect–while minimizing unwanted effects.

Our product formats may be familiar to most medical patients: oral capsules, sublingual filmstrips, and topically administered products in the form of gels and creams. All Opticann products are based on innovative pharmaceutical technology that deliver results consistently, safely, and in convenient dosage forms. These dosage forms are clinically tested and optimized to deliver active ingredients for effective results.

Our Commitment

Our promise to all patients:

Heritage Patient Portal

Opticann’s full CB4 product line is available to purchase online through the Heritage Patient Portal for registered medical patients in Canada.

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